A good landscaping job can add beauty, enjoyment, and value to your home. It also makes caring for your yard much easier. On the flip side, a poor landscaping job might detract from your home’s beauty, can be difficult to maintain, and costs you a lot of wasted time and effort. If you want to ensure your landscaping accomplishes your intentions, make sure to avoid these seven common mistakes:

1) You didn’t plan first. Rather than adding plants randomly as the idea occurs to you, make a plan for your whole yard. This ensures that the end result is balanced and works properly, rather than becoming an unattractive mishmash of impulsive decisions.

2) You failed to consider all four seasons. While most people think of landscaping more in the spring and summer months, you want to be sure to include some interesting elements for fall and winter, too. Otherwise your yard looks very bland for half the year.

3) You have a lawn because you think you’re supposed to. A huge expanse of grass, and the constant hassle of mowing it, is not for everyone. You don’t have to have a yard that looks like a golf course just because your neighbors made that choice. There are plenty of other options that may suit you better!

4) You’re not working with what you have. It’s often too difficult to fight the terrain that already exists. Instead, there are ways to work with your land’s natural gifts and plan landscaping that complements what you already have.

5) You’re not considering erosion. If your yard has a sloped area that frequently loses soil, it’s best to address the drainage and planting issues before the rainy seasons begin. If you install a retaining wall first, you can make much better use of that space and protect your investment.

6) You forgot about functionality. We often focus too much on aesthetics rather than function. However, you should always plan for landscaping that is safe and usable.

7) You’re not irrigating (or planning to water by hand). When we begin planting, we make a lot of promises to ourselves regarding regular upkeep. But the truth is, life happens. We get sick, we get busy, and we travel. To protect your investment, it’s best to install an irrigation system to ensure your plants are getting what they need.

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