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Renovating your home can be an exciting time. Finally, you’ll be getting that dream kitchen, luxurious bathroom, or backyard oasis… But first, you have to survive the chaos. While you’re busy picking out color schemes and finishing touches, take a moment to prepare yourself for the upheaval.

Plan for practical matters. If your kitchen is torn apart, make a plan for meals. If your bathroom is the target of the makeover, do you have a second bathroom you can use? Or can a neighbor offer their facilities?

If you’re renovating the landscape, you might imagine the mess and disruption will be relegated to the yard. But you’ll still be dealing with noise and disruption to your routine. The mess can also migrate inside, via mud, dust, and more. Take the time to anticipate all of the inconveniences that can occur, and make a detailed plan to deal with them ahead of time.

Set up a routine for kids and pets. Kids and pets certainly add another level of excitement to any life change! Quarantine pets in a small, quiet room (away from the noise) if you can. Those who are renovating their yards might consider boarding outdoor pets to prevent stress or unforeseen complications.

Warn the kids about upcoming changes, and keep them on their regular routine as much as possible while renovations proceed.

Expect the unexpected. Most home renovations proceed with some hiccups. In most cases things get back on track quickly, so don’t let emotions overcome you when things don’t go as planned. If you already know delays and complications will occur, you will react more calmly. Trust that your professional contractor knows how to deal with just about anything that comes up.

Focus on the end result. In the middle of a complicated project, you might find yourself wondering, “what have I done?” It might seem as though the disruption never ends. But focus on your goals: How will you feel once the renovation is complete? Picture yourself using the new space and enjoying it.

Consider staying elsewhere. If your home is undergoing major renovations, it might be easier to schedule the work while you’re away on a trip. Or, pack up and spend a week or two with a friend or even in a hotel. You can make it fun and enjoyable by pretending you’re actually on a vacation.

If you’re considering a landscape renovation, give us a call to discuss your ideas. We can help you learn more about what to expect, and explore all of the options available to you.

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