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Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having your own backyard pool. Whether you want to relax and float in the serene waters, swim laps for exercise, or kick back and watch the kids splash and play, having your own pool can add a lot of enjoyment to your life. But what if your dream home came with a smaller backyard? Does that mean you can’t install a pool? Not necessarily…

In-ground or above ground? Many people prefer in-ground pools, but construction could be a bit difficult in a small yard. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, especially if you design your pool to fit in with established features rather than having to remove them. On the other hand, installing an above-ground pool can be a bit easier. Then you can build decks or steps around it, making it more attractive. Put a rectangular pool in the back corner of the yard, by the fence, and you only need to build decking around two sides of it (check your HOA codes and city ordinances before installation).

Consider your dimensions. Installing a pool in a small backyard might mean that you’re working with some unusual dimensions. Sometimes these dimensions can actually create a more visually interesting pool that fits better with the overall design of the yard, but they will pose one challenge. Fiberglass pools are only available in certain sizes, so you might need to go with a vinyl liner or concrete in-ground pool.

Freeform pools offer unlimited design freedom. Freeform pools are often popular in small backyards because they are so customizable to the space. Plus, they sometimes allow for more decking space, which might be important if you want a table or a lounge chair by your pool.

What about maintenance? A smaller pool will already be easier to maintain than a large one. However, many other factors will affect your maintenance time and costs. Fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain, whereas concrete pools require the most work. Vinyl liner pools fall somewhere in the middle, but the liners must be replaced every 8-11 years.

Think about accessories. For the most part, a small pool can include most accessories commonly used in large pools. If you want a tanning ledge, heaters, lights, or slides, you can certainly incorporate those into your design. The difference is that it is better to plan for those ahead of time, rather than to try and add them later.

If you’re considering a small backyard pool, give us a call. We can help you integrate a pool into your existing landscape so that your pool adds not only fun but also beauty to your yard.

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