Your backyard swimming pool isn’t just a place to enjoy fun with family and friends. It also serves as a decorative centerpiece of your yard, so naturally you want to keep it looking lovely. If you’re installing a pool or refinishing your old one, take the time to learn about different pool finishes. You can choose one that compliments your landscape, suits your budget, and holds up to wear and tear over time. 

Plaster pool finish. Plaster is one of the most common pool finishes, and it’s a classic. It’s smooth and bright white, and will make your water appear a clear crystal blue. Plaster is also one of the more affordable options, making it suitable for most budgets. 

Since plaster is porous, it can stain more easily, and requires a bit more care to keep it looking nice. You can expect your plaster pool finish to last up to ten years, assuming you care for it meticulously. 

Colored plaster. Colored plaster offers the same benefits and drawbacks of regular, white plaster, but you can customize the color. You might find this option an exciting step up from the classic look, without much added expense. 

Pebble pool finish. Pebble pool finishes are constructed of a special cement mixed with pebbles. These pool finishes are popular due to their natural aesthetic, and you can choose from a wide array of pebble types and colors. Durable and stain resistant, a pebble pool finish will last between 15 and 20 years when you care for it properly.

The downside, though, is that pebble finishes can be rough on young swimmers’ feet. That’s why many families postpone this finish choice until children are a bit older. 

Quartz pool finish. A combination of polymer-modified cement and quartz aggregate, quartz pool finishes combine the best of both plaster and pebble pool finishes. This type of pool finish is non-porous, holds up well against stains and pool chemicals, and can be expected to last up to 12 years. This is a low maintenance option that is perfect for those who want to give their pool a special look, without quite as much expense and maintenance as pebble options. 

For more information on adding a pool to your yard, or on landscaping and design options to complement your pool, give us a call. We can help turn your plain swimming pool into a beautiful and functional backyard oasis!