Outdoor furniture

Yes, the new year has just begun, but barbecues and backyard hangouts with friends are just around the corner. Now is the time to renovate your outdoor space and get it ready for spring and summer. So, in this two-part blog series, let’s review some of the hottest trends that we’re expecting to see in 2019.

Mixed materials. Designers are experimenting with new, exciting combinations of materials. Update a traditionally plain, “matchy” patio decor by creating a more eclectic mix of materials like wood, metal, rope, concrete, stone, and upholstery.

Of course, you should keep exposure to elements in mind when choosing materials. Sun can fade some materials, while rain will take its toll on others. If your patio area is covered, you can enjoy more design freedom in that space.

Chunky timber. In particular, chunky timber-framed sofas, chairs, and tables appear to be growing in popularity. This material appeals to those who enjoy natural materials, and you can mix them with upholstery for a more luxurious look. Remember that some woods will “weather” when exposed to the elements, so research carefully before making your final selection.

Interesting details. While shopping for outdoor furniture and accessories, you might discover more interestingly detailed options than in years past. Webbing, brass brackets, and other “indoor only” details are moving outside. Designers are also experimenting with shapes like turned legs and sling-backs, once only seen in living and dining room furniture.

Seats are lower. The long and low profiles of contemporary furniture are also moving outdoors, dropping the seat height of sofas and chairs. Of course, many older people still prefer higher seating, so a mix of seat heights might be best if you entertain a wide age range.

These trend ideas might get your wheels turning, but stay tuned for next week’s blog. We’ll review a few more up-and-coming outdoor design trends, to help you create your ideal outdoor oasis.