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Travel is fun and rewarding, but it’s also expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy, time off of work, or budget to accommodate a trip to a far-flung location. But as the rising popularity of taking a “staycation” has taught us, taking a time-out at home can be quite restful and satisfying.

In fact, if you put a bit of effort toward building your own “staycation” spot at home, you can enjoy every weekend (or even week nights) feeling as though you’re relaxing at a resort.

Install a low-maintenance yard. Unless you truly enjoy mowing the lawn, all that work is just a drain on your time and energy. Installing a low-maintenance yard, such as xeriscaping, can reduce the amount of work needed to almost zero. If you can’t part with the look of a grassy lawn, artificial turf is another option. As for your garden, a built-in irrigation system takes the work out of regular waterings.

Jazz up your patio. Consider your outdoor space: Does it perform the functions you prefer in a relaxing environment? Have you created a space for entertaining friends? With the addition of just a few simple elements, you can make a boring porch or patio feel like a fancy hotel. Outdoor speakers allow you bring music into the space, fire and water features provide soothing natural elements, lighting allows for improved nighttime use, and an outdoor kitchen area allows for easy grilling or drink preparation. And of course, the right furniture gives you a plush place to sit.

What about a swimming pool? Obviously, this would be the most significant investment in an outdoor staycation environment, but kids would consider it essential. If you don’t have kids, a simple lap pool might suffice for adults.

Other bodies of water. A small koi pond lends a meditative feel to your backyard, and a waterfall can help to block noise from the road or nearby neighbors.

We’ve shared a number of ideas in this blog, but the options are limited only by your imagination. Give us a call to discuss your dream backyard space, and we can help you design and implement it. Soon you will know how it feels to live every day (at least partially) on vacation.

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