Maybe you intentionally purchased a home with a small yard, because you didn’t want to deal with a lot of upkeep. Or, perhaps you’re just trying to make the most of what you’ve got. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself trying to make the most of a small area. If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we have plenty of ideas to help you create a beautiful yard even within strict space constraints.

Think vertically. When you think about the size of your yard, you’re probably thinking horizontally. But your garden can use vertical space, too! Hanging planters can be installed around a porch or patio area, you can use flowering vines along a trellis, and a living wall provides greenery or flowers in a horizontally-challenged area.

Build tiered planters. So maybe you don’t have room for a six-food-wide, lushly planted border. A tiered planter can provide a similar look in a much smaller space.

Choose one focal point. If you only have room for one tree, choose your favorite flowering variety. If you’d prefer a water feature, install a small fountain and plant flowers around it. A small koi pond is another terrific option. The point is to consider what appeals most to you, and build your small backyard garden around that one feature.

Include your porch or patio. Your porch or patio is also part of your yard, and you can garden there, too! A faux-grass rug brings more “green” to the area (without the maintenance). Potted plants and hanging planters offer a variety of options. If you have patio furniture, choose flowered throw pillows, and decorate your tabletops with small terrariums.

Your house is a garden spot, too! Window boxes or wall planters can be used to bring more greenery into a small space, and create a seamless flow between home and garden.

Use inverted planters. If you’re wishing for an edible garden, you don’t actually need acres of space. Use inverted planters for tomatoes and strawberries. You’d be surprised how much food you can grow this way.

For more landscaping ideas that will liven up a small space, give us a call or stop by our nursery. Our experts can advise you on plants that do well in smaller areas, and help you decide what matters most to you. If you build your garden around your top priorities, you can customize a small space to suit you perfectly.

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