Front door with a Christmas wreath and bows.

For those who love landscaping and gardening, oncoming winter might represent the beginning of a dormant time for your favorite hobby. But you can still have fun sprucing up your yard, and add holiday cheer to the exterior of your home, by utilizing seasonal decor in your landscaping.

Replace summer arrangements with winter version. With cooler weather arriving, you’ve moved your more tropical plants indoors now. If your porch, patio, or window boxes are looking bare, replenish them with winter varieties like holly, winterberry, evergreens, or other cool-weather decorative plants.

Deck the halls and… porch railings? Garland isn’t only for indoor use! Drape it along porch railings, and combine with lights, bows, wreaths, or other holiday decor for a festive look.

Add bursts of unexpected color. When selecting outdoor decorations or plants for your landscaping, don’t feel obligated to stick to red and green. A burst of an unexpected hue like purple, teal, or tangerine will make your lawn stand out among the crowd.

Don’t forget your mailbox. We tend to focus on the porch and yard for holiday decorating, but your mailbox can serve as a great focal point for seasonal cheer. Replenish flower beds with seasonal plantings, or decorate the mailbox itself (if you don’t have a community mailbox, that is).

Browse thrift stores for interesting decor. If you’re tired of the same old store-bought lawn decorations, get creative with thrift store finds. Set up an artificial Christmas tree outside, use objects like sleds for decor, repurpose deer or bird figurines, or use found objects to create your own holiday artwork.

Utilize your own trimmings. If you trim evergreen branches, use these to make your own wreaths or window dressings. Keep them plain or jazz it up with ribbons, bows, ornaments, tinsel, or lights.

Light it up. Many homeowners add a few holiday lights along their home’s gutters and siding, but why not make them functional, too? String lights along sidewalks, pathways, and bushes to light the way for evening visitors. Consider other elements that you’d like to highlight; you can illuminate flower boxes or water features to show them off at night.

If you’re concerned about any element of your landscaping, give us a call. We can offer ideas to refresh the look of your yard or add a new feature, to boost your home’s curb appeal throughout winter and beyond.

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