Leaves changing color in fall time.

Most of us appreciate the cooler weather that arrives with autumn, and we all know about the fervor over pumpkin spice lattes, scented candles, and other products. But fall can also serve as the perfect opportunity for some fun outdoor projects, to decorate your yard and have fun with the kids.

Fall decorating can go beyond basic wreaths and the same old carved pumpkins. If you’re stumped (no pun intended) for more unique ideas, here’s a list that can help you brainstorm new, exciting projects this October. You can find pictures of these projects, and more, on Pinterest or Instagram.

Upcycle bundt pans and turn them into pumpkins
Dress up your mailbox with corn stalks and other festive decor
Make a tiered planter from bushel baskets
Create a fun display with a rustic wheelbarrow
Use a leaf garland to decorate your fence
Make your own scarecrow, or a whole scarecrow family (this project is extra fun for kids)
Paint wooden produce crates, and use them for storage or displays on your porch
Use an old galvanized bucket as a centerpiece, fill with straw, and place pumpkins or other seasonal items inside
Re-use an old pallet and make a hand-painted sign
Make pumpkin planters with Halloween candy buckets and concrete
Experiment with an old wagon wheel – paint it, or string it with lights
Use a tomato cage to create a pumpkin and gourd “tree”
Clean out window boxes, and plant mums and other fall-hued flowers
Use a wooden step ladder as a shelf for your display of pumpkins, gourds, etc

Remember that you don’t need to break the bank, to create a fun and festive fall display! After researching ideas online, browse thrift stores and garage sales for fun, unique items to upcycle. These items will make your decorations stand out from the crowd!

As always, contact us if you have any questions about your fall landscaping. We can offer advice on a design that is as beautiful as it is functional.