Leaves posters on white wall above green settee with pillows and blanket in spacious living room interior with plants

If you’ve heard the term “jungalow” and you’re wondering what that’s all about, you’ve come to the right place. Jungalow is still a hot home decor and garden trend, and we’re here to fill you in.

As you might have deduced, the word “Jungalow” is a combination of “jungle” and “bungalow”. It was coined by designer Justina Blakeney to describe her own eclectic blend of vintage and new, unique personal touches, folkish style, and abundant houseplants.

Those who bring the Jungalow style to their home don’t just place houseplants everywhere but dedicate themselves to rediscovering colors, textures, and patterns – particularly those of a more tropical style. The idea is to bring nature indoors but to mix it with both classic pieces and those reminiscent of your own personality and experiences. The result is a little bit colorful bohemian, a little bit 1950s kitsch, and a whole lot of life.

To accomplish Jungalow style, keep your eyes peeled for interesting new and vintage finds, such as:

Textures like wicker, wood, and rattan
Wallpapers in interesting patterns
Motifs such as tropical leaves and flowers
Furniture and decor with a relaxed, comfortable vibe
Unique pieces, especially those that reflect your travels
Anything leafy and green
Plants, of course – anything from ferns to a lemon tree to an air garden

Junglaw style might be eclectic, but that doesn’t mean cluttered. Focus on a few key pieces with clean lines and simple colors, then mix in more vibrant details. Windows should be free of obstruction, to let in the light, which you will need for numerous lush houseplants.

And finally, keep in mind that those plants should be potted in interesting containers and placed strategically around the room. Keep in mind the light and care requirements for each plant; some will do better hanging in a window, whereas others can be placed just about anywhere. Most of all, have fun. Jungalow isn’t about sticking to a particular design for years. Add new touches when you find them, and let your home continually evolve to match your personality.

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