Properly cared for orchid

Orchids are some of the most unique and beautiful flowers, and have certainly earned their outstanding reputation among passionate home gardeners. And contrary to common belief, orchids aren’t always as difficult to maintain as many people think! Of course, that depends upon species, and some orchids can certainly be more finicky than others.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of orchid growing, you might begin to branch out into more creative endeavors. If you’re curious about creative ways to display these unusual blooms, check out the following ideas to incorporate them into your home decor.

Choose unusual containers. There is no reason to feel stuck with actual flower pots that you purchase at a garden supply store. Browse your local thrift stores for unusual containers, and let your imagination run wild. Mason jars, decorative pitchers, glass bowls, and silver or copper items might add a whimsical touch to your decor.

Try a shower caddy. Liven up your bathroom by turning a shower caddy into a wall planter. It will blend seamlessly with your bathroom while the orchid takes center stage.

Hang your orchids. Hanging planters allow you to display your orchids in an “outside the box” way. Instead of a cluster of flowers on a tabletop or other surface, you can arrange your collection in front of a window or fill another empty space in the room. Arranging them vertically allows for more interest; try varying the heights of your orchids for a look that draws the eye to the collection.

Upside-down orchids. This variation on a hanging display turns the orchids upside down for an interesting visual appeal. We tend to think of flowers as growing straight up, so upside-down orchids will immediately catch the eye!

Mount planters on the wall. Wall planters provide another way to use your orchids as convenient decorative items. We all have those blank spaces on our walls that need a little something. Add an orchid and you can enjoy instant liveliness.

Of course, if you want to display your orchids outdoors, remember to carefully research their light and humidity requirements. And give us a call for more information on updating your garden or outdoor living space.