Small indoor hanging kokedama plant

Now that the holidays have come and gone, many of us are feeling the effects of a tad too much indulgence. Between food, drink, and making merry, you probably feel the need for a bit of cleansing in your life. Fortunately, nature provides for that need.

Yes, plants can help us detox our bodies in a number of ways. The primary method, of course, is through the air. Nature has a way of providing balance, and we see that in plant respiration. Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, a perfect counterbalance to human respiration which intakes oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide!

But along with that, plants act as a natural filter, ridding the air of numerous toxins. The following houseplants make excellent additions to the home, both for their natural beauty and their air detoxification benefits.

Air plants (Tillandsia)
Peace lilies
Aloe Vera
Dumb cane plant
Parlour palm
Kentia palm
Areca palm
Boston ferns (or sword ferns)
English ivy
Devil’s ivy
Spider plant
Snake plants
Rubber plants (ficus elastica)
Weeping fig
ZZ plants (Zamioculcus Zamiifolia)

And as you might expect, many plants can be used internally to rid your body of toxins. Red clover, burdock, dandelion root, and nettle can all be used in teas or tonics to help flush harmful substances from your blood and organs. These plants can also offer powerful nutritional benefits, and help you look and feel your best.