For some of us, the best way to cope with grief is by nurturing new life. Whether you’ve lost a parent, child, or family pet, planning a memorial garden may be the welcome distraction you need. The garden will also honor the memory of your loved one, and give you a sense of closure.

First, choose a place for your memorial garden. Keep in mind the type of plants you want to use, and their specific needs for sunlight. Remember to choose a spot that won’t be in the way of any future landscaping or home improvement plans. You probably won’t want to move the garden later.

Choose plants based on the memory of your loved one. Did they have a favorite flower? A favorite color? Would a tree best honor their memory? You’re welcome to visit our nursery and consult with us on your choices, to be sure they grow well in our climate.

Consider other elements such as a water feature, bench, or small plaque honoring your loved one. You might choose these elements based on your loved one’s personality. For example, you may choose to honor a bird-watching grandparent with a bird bath, a fountain may remind you of your sibling who loved water sports, and so on. A bench other or seating option will give you a place to linger and enjoy your garden. A plaque may include your loved one’s name and birth date, or even a quote that reminds you of them.

Create an illustration of your ideas for the garden. Using graph paper is a good way to get a scale representation of your plans. If you’re unsure of whether certain features will work well together, we’d be happy to lend an ear and some advice. It’s better to be sure of your plan before beginning work, so that you don’t have to undo and redo the work later.

When you begin work on your memorial garden, remember to follow proper planting procedure just as you would for any other garden. Fertilize the soil appropriately, water plants deeply, and use mulch to protect against weeds and retain moisture. For more advice on planting your garden, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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