Fall has arrived, bringing with it cooler temperatures (on some days!) and vibrant colors! But if your landscape is looking a little less autumnal than you would like (as landscapes tend to do here in Southern California), you might wish to incorporate a fall theme into your yard.

Plant flowers. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to bring fall color into your yard is it plant cooler-season flowers such as pansies and mums. Your summer blooms have probably disappeared by now, anyway, so it’s the perfect time to renovate your flower beds.

Grow cool-season crops. If you prefer your landscaping to have an edible component, plant cabbages and kale. The large, striking leaves are a lovely addition to your garden, but you can also eat them!

Fill space with ornamental grasses. If you need to fill some space in your yard, try ornamental grasses. They’re hardy, easy to grow, and add a distinctly autumn feel to your landscape.

Add a container garden. If you don’t have a large yard, or need to bring more of an autumn atmosphere to a patio or porch, remember how effective container gardens can be! Place pots of mums or other fall-themed flowers wherever you need to add a splash of color.

Add fall decorations. Bringing autumn to your landscaping doesn’t have to be all about installing new varieties of plants. A few bales of hay can make a fun, fall-themed addition to your yard. Use them as a border along walkways or stack a few in the yard. Add a few pumpkins – real, or fake – and you have an easy, festive autumn addition in exchange for very little effort. If you have kids, they might enjoy helping you make a scarecrow, or shopping for autumn decorations at your local crafts store.

Don’t forget the hell strip. First impressions make a big impact. As you’re making changes to your yard, consider planting fall flowers or another plants along your sidewalk.

Choose a new tree or two. If you have room in your yard for a new tree, consider a deciduosu oak, maple, liquid amber or other variety that changes colors in the fall. This single investment will pay off in beautiful foliage for years to come! Just remember to choose the right spot in your yard, away from patios, sidewalks, and the foundation of your house, if you choose a species of tree that will grow extensive roots. Or, visit our nursery to view a selection of smaller, but equally dramatic trees.

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