Play space for kids

Like any parent, you want to give your child the best. With doctors and child development experts sounding the alarm on kids getting too much screen time, along with too little exercise, building an outdoor play space could be the perfect solution. The right play structure should provide exercise and an outlet for sensory experiences, while also encouraging children to utilize their imaginations.

Sure, you could pick up a swing-set kit, assemble it in your backyard, and your kids would likely be quite happy with it. But if you want to go a step beyond that, you could transform your backyard with some of these innovative elements to create an outdoor play space that becomes the envy of the neighborhood:

Climbing wall or net
Water slide
Obstacle course
Tree house
Zip line
Trampoline – traditional or “in ground”
Bike path
Children’s garden area
Playhouse, pirate ship, castle, etc
Homemade roller coaster
Splash pad

These are just some ideas to get you started; if you spend time conducting a bit of research (check Pinterest), you might be surprised at some of the creative ideas other parents have utilized!

As you design your children’s play space, remember that kids can be far more creative than adults! You might want to choose elements that provide for a variety of experiences; trust that your kids will take care of that part! You will be surprised at the different ways they will use a single piece of equipment. But you can certainly involve them in the design process, to get a feel for the elements they will use the most.

And of course, safety is key. Build your play space on a surface that provides cushion for falls, such as sand, mulch, or rubber mulch, and make sure you’ve installed that surface to the correct depth. We can help with that part. Give us a call, and we will walk you through the most common playground surfaces and help you choose the right materials for the job.

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