If you’re like a lot of us, you’re embarking on another semester of distance learning. School-from-home is a bit different from homeschooling because public and private school students need to be “plugged in” for a significant portion of the day. It’s no wonder some of you are looking for solutions to keep your children engaged and active! These ideas can help you get outside more, to re-center yourselves, and make the days more enjoyable.

PE in the yard.

Many traditional classes translate to a distance learning format pretty easily, but Physical Education often doesn’t work so well on the computer. Get boisterous kids outside, turn on some music, and set them loose dancing or jumping on the trampoline. A YouTube Zumba class for kids can be a great way to pass the time, or you might prefer something more relaxing like yoga. Set up an obstacle course, play a game of outdoor Twister, draw hopscotch patterns on the sidewalk, or get the whole family involved in a game of tag football. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Outdoor lessons.

We all know that some lessons are better learned when they’re “hands-on”. Worksheets on the life cycle of plants are one thing; seeing them in action in the garden is quite another! Ask the kids to help in the garden and they’ll learn, firsthand, how plants grow and reproduce.

Quiet reading time.

Outdoor time doesn’t always have to be active. If your child has assigned readings to complete, why not do those outdoors? You can all soak up more vitamin D and get some fresh air, helping you to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Get crafty.

You didn’t really want to spend the next six months vacuuming glitter out of the carpet, anyway. Move craft time to the great outdoors, and you can save yourself plenty of headaches dealing with the messes!

Scavenger hunt.

Instead of simply listing items for the kids to find outdoors, make them a list of clues to decipher. It will engage their brains, keep them busier for longer, and is simply more fun.

Cooking class.

We all know cooking is a great way to teach kids math, along with general life skills. But when you’re outdoors, you can learn a host of new lessons. If your kids are old enough, start teaching them how to grill along with fire safety lessons. If you have a pizza oven, everyone can choose toppings for their own mini pizza.

What if your backyard leaves a lot to be desired? Give us a call, and we can help you renovate your space. Even just a few simple changes can help you enjoy the outdoors more, and make the space fresh and exciting for kids.