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Any new hobby is more fun, and easier to learn when you have the right equipment. That’s why we put together this Garden Supplies 101 list to make the process easier for newcomers (or folks returning to gardening after a break). You might find that you need additional items, according to your needs, but at the very least every gardener needs…

A wide-brimmed hat. This will keep the sun off of your face, protecting your eyes and preventing sunburns (and slowing the signs of aging, if you worry about lines and wrinkles).

Comfortable gloves. Try several brands to obtain a fit that feels right to you, keeping in mind that some fabrics can contribute to hot and sweaty hands if you wear them for very long. These will protect your hands from sunburn, and make cleanup much easier when you’re finished working in the garden. If Roses are an interest of yours, check out the elbow length gloves meant to make cut flowers and pruning safer for you.

Pruners. Choose a set with a comfortable grip, and don’t overlook quality. Sharp, rust-resistant blades will last for years.

A sturdy, but a flexible bucket. You will find more uses for a simple bucket than you can imagine! We recommend the Tubtrug for home garden use. They last for years (and years) and keep you from making too many trips to the green waste can with cuttings.

Trowel and mini rake. You will need these to work the soil and transplant young plants. Choose a set with grips that feel comfortable for you, made of quality materials so that your tools will last. You don’t want such a simple but indispensable tool to break right in the middle of a gardening project.

A harvest basket. You can use a variety of baskets for this purpose, even something that you pick up at a thrift store. Just remember that a sturdy bottom and strong handles are a must. You don’t want the bottom to fall out right in the middle of gathering a bountiful harvest! Higher quality baskets intended for gardening or harvesting often come with a linen liner that has pockets for holding your small tools and gloves.

Clogs or garden shoes. Gardening gets messy, and there is no reason to ruin a perfectly good pair of Nikes. Some simple, waterproof clogs will slip on and off your feet so that you don’t track mud into the house.

Pots, barrels, or raised garden boxes. Remember, gardening doesn’t have to be done solely in the ground. If your space is limited, plenty of herbs, vegetables, and even small fruit trees can be grown in containers. Maximize your growing potential by placing these on a sunny deck or patio.

Come visit us, and we’ll help you decide which Gardening Supplies 101 items are needed for your gardening project. We can also help you learn about your favorite plants so that you can offer them the best care according to their needs.

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