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Just as in any other industry, the landscape design world sees its share of trends that come and go. Lately a fun trend that we’ve noticed is something called the “bedhead garden”. Could it be a fun project for you?

You might recall seeing pictures of women who post their “bedhead” on social media. “I woke up like this!” they proclaim. Their hair is messy – perfectly messy, almost as if they did it on purpose. That’s the basic idea behind bedhead gardens; they’re casual, messy, and yet somehow, visually appealing. The bedhead garden is a bit overgrown and even “sloppy”… and it’s perfectly, imperfectly pretty.

This trend might appeal to you, if you’re tired of tidy, overly styled gardens. The row of neatly trimmed hedges, the one accent tree, the flowers that match the trim on the house… It’s all just too fussy and a bit boring for you. Maybe you see yourself as more of a free spirit, or you enjoy letting nature take its course. You might prefer for your home to look lived-in, and you’re not the type to always match your shoes to your purse. A bedhead garden is the perfect mix of a little bit planned, and a little bit wild.

Advantages of bedhead garden. If you want to be out in the garden every day, pruning your plants to perfection, a bedhead garden is not for you. But it should definitely appeal to those of you who want to plant a few of your favorite selections, and then enjoy whatever they decide to do.

This does not mean your garden will never need maintenance. You will certainly need to provide water, for example, as according to your plants’ needs. But the basic premise is that you provide your plants with the sunlight, water, and fertilizer that they need, and yet you don’t micromanage them into neat rows or tidy shapes.

Bedhead gardens can also include unique, upcycled items (check our last blog for this topic). So, this style encompasses an environmentally-friendly aspect, and can be easier on the wallet.

Are there any drawbacks to bedhead gardens? Not really. You can always go back to a more manicured style if your tastes change in the future. The only real drawback might be your Homeowner’s Association. If the rules are strict, your HOA might complain. Do check with your neighborhood’s by-laws before making changes to your home’s exterior.

Of course, there are some plants that really do require a lot of attention, pruning, and so on. Those might not be ideal for a bedhead garden. Come visit us at our nursery, and we can help you select some lush plants that prefer to be left alone to grow freely.

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