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Does the country life appeal to you? Perhaps you enjoy nostalgic memories of visiting your grandparents’ farm, or you dream of a peaceful, rural lifestyle. Whether you’re actually living in the country, or just want to imbue that type of ambiance in your own yard, a farmhouse landscape might be the right design theme for you.

But just what does a “farmhouse” theme entail? It could vary depending on your tastes, but these tips can help you brainstorm ideas.

Consider color. Thumb through a country lifestyle magazine, and you will notice a lot of light neutrals like tan and white, with an occasional burst of bright red or blue. The color palette for farmhouse décor tends to be quite clean and simple. Consider patterns like gingham or plaid for items like cushions and throw pillows.

Plant an edible landscape. The word “farmhouse” certainly seems to imply that there is a farm nearby! Try incorporating edible plants into your landscape, such as lettuces in your flower garden or a row of tomato plants used as a border. Fruit and vegetable-bearing plants provide pops of color just like flowers do. Plus, you can enjoy fresh, organic produce right from your own yard.

Don’t forget flowers. Avoid neat, tidy rows of flowers, and design beds that allow for lush growth instead. Hanging baskets and window boxes should be overflowing with flowers. Consider potted varieties for your porch and front steps.

Hang a swing. What says “country life” more than a porch swing?

Use white picket fencing for borders or accents. Picket fencing can be a bit pricey, but you don’t have to fence in your entire yard. A few sections of fence here and there can provide a lovely accent or define the space, especially when paired with flowers and other plantings.

Consider cast iron furniture. These seating options provide a decorate vintage appeal that has stood the test of time.

Try recycled lawn ornaments. You can find a myriad of ideas on a Pinterest page, but the general idea is to look for vintage items that can be re-purposed. Old wagon wheels or ladders, gardening tools, distressed barn wood, birdhouses, and weather vanes are popular choices.

Light it up. String lights in trees, around your porch, or on your tool shed for a festive, whimsical look at night.

For more farmhouse landscaping ideas, come walk through our nursery. We can help you select plants that work with your space and light specifications, and that fit into your overall design theme.

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