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Your backyard can serve a variety of purposes, from hosting play dates for children to entertaining your friends with cocktails and barbecue. However, many of us need outdoor time that is soothing and peaceful. You can accomplish more than one goal in your backyard, of course, but setting aside a “sacred space” is ideal for those who seek refuge in nature. You can then utilize this space to meditate, practice yoga, or simply kick back and enjoy a good book.

Utilize natural materials.

Materials such as plastic don’t feel very “sacred”, do they? Search for materials that feel “elemental” to you, and are unaltered from their natural state. Stone and wood are popular choices for sacred spaces. It’s even better if you can find, re-purpose, or recycle materials. That way, building your sacred space won’t leave a carbon footprint.

Consider circular structures.

There is something intrinsically magical about circles. These shapes speak to our instincts. A stone circle can define your space while lending a spiritual ambiance.

Plant lush grass.

If you intend to use your space for outdoor yoga sessions, a lush grass will provide cushioning for headstands and other difficult poses. Artificial turf can be great for these spaces as bugs, mud, and other less than ideal natural elements are not included.

Include a seating area or hammock.

These will encourage you to spend more leisure time outdoors. Having an inviting seating area ready to go at a moment’s notice makes it more likely to be utilized.

Block excess noise.

It would be difficult to create peace and quiet with excess noise intruding upon your space. Consider noise buffers for your backyard, such as fencing, hedges, or a living wall. A water feature such as a fountain would make an excellent choice, both for the noise-reducing aspects as well as the soothing sound of trickling or rushing water.

Consider a fire pit.

If you hope to use your sacred space for nighttime meditations, a fire pit would provide warmth and the perfect, magical atmosphere.

Listen to your intuition.

Your sacred space should simply “feel right” to you. Therefore, your intuition will be a guiding force in your design. If certain plants or materials appeal to you, include them!

On that note, come visit our nursery to see what nature might inspire. Sometimes the best way to design an outdoor space is to experience various plants and materials up close so that you can choose the ones that really “speak” to you.

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