Your neighbors are terrific people, but sometimes they can be a bit loud. Or perhaps you just don’t want to see Mr. Jones sunbathing in his Speedo! Whatever the reason, it’s understandable to want privacy in your own backyard. We have several ways to help you accomplish that, and you can add an attractive landscaping feature to your property while doing so.

The most obvious solution is to build a fence. Wood privacy fences are a popular option, although some people prefer the lower-maintenance vinyl fencing. However, some people are reluctant to erect a fence, or can’t build one due to neighborhood restrictions. You might also find that fencing alone is not sufficient to block out excess noise. It helps, but you might prefer a denser sound barrier. In these cases you might consider a more natural solution, or you might decide to pair fencing with hedges, for example, for both visual privacy and increased protection against noise.

You can build a wall of hedges for a more natural-looking barrier. If you go with this option, it will take some time for your hedges to grow to their maximum height and fullness. First decide on a height for your wall of greenery, and choose hedges that will accomplish your goals. Some popular evergreen options are Viburnum Spring Bouquet, Purple Hopseed Bushes, Ligustrum Texanum, Podocarpus, Carolina Cherry Laurel, and Korean Boxwood. If you prefer a deciduous shrub, Rose of Sharon or Roses are two common options.

When you plant your shrubs, pay careful attention to spacing. Some varieties spread wide, and therefore should be planted three to four feet apart, while others can be planted closer together. Your goal, of course, is to eventually have a solid wall of greenery that provides you with maximum privacy and noise reduction.

Your final option is to combine the permanence of a structure with the beauty of plant life, and erect a living wall. You might choose to do this by using an existing fence as a base, and then adding pockets or containers to grow plant life, or you might be starting from scratch. Give us a call to discuss your options, and we can show you how a living wall can become a functional and beautiful addition to your yard.

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