Pallet garden

When time, money, or space are limited, you might feel tempted to put off any improvements to your garden or outdoor living area. However, there are many ways to add smaller, easy upgrades without investing a lot of time or money into the project. A vertical pallet garden is one such addition; it requires very little space or time, and you can accomplish this project by repurposing an old wood pallet!

First, select a pallet that is appropriate for this use. Inspect it for signs of rotting, and look for an HT stamp somewhere on its structure. This stamp indicates that the wood was heat treated, rather than preserved with chemicals.

Once you’ve selected the right pallet for the job, simply mount it to the wall of your choice. Remember that you’re essentially creating a “living wall”, which can serve as a sound barrier as well as a space to grow plants. So, you might wish to utilize this project to block unpleasant noise from the road or neighbors.

Also, consider what type of plants you hope to grow in this pallet garden. You will choose full sun or partial shade plants depending upon where you’ve placed your living wall.

Now, line the pallet’s horizontal slats with landscaping fabric to form planting pockets. Staple the fabric securely to the sides of the pallet, keeping in mind the eventual weight of damp soil.

Next you will fill your pockets with potting soil, and plant flowers or herbs of your choice. Keep in mind that vertical gardens, especially those in full sun, drain quite well. Since the soil will dry quickly, you should choose plants that prefer well-drained soil like Mediterranean herbs and drought-resistant succulents.

If you’re determined to grow more “thirsty” plants, you still can. Just make sure to water very regularly, or consider attaching your vertical garden to a drip irrigation system.

Give us a call, and we can advise you on plants that will grow well in a vertical garden, and answer any other questions you might have.