Living centerpiece

Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of flowers on the dining room table, or displayed on the mantle? Of course, the downside of fresh arrangements is that they don’t stay fresh for long. You need to consistently replace them, whether with plants from your own garden or by purchasing fresh flowers.

An alternative is to simply grow a “living” centerpiece, a potted masterpiece of your own creation! If you choose the right plants, a living centerpiece can add beauty to your dining room, patio table, or any other area of the home for years.

The best way to accomplish this goal is with succulents. These grow best in bright, indirect light, and they don’t require frequent watering.

Since you’ll be looking at this centerpiece for years, go ahead and choose a container that you love. Now is not necessarily the time to choose a plain, low-cost container unless that’s what you truly prefer. Shop around and find something you love!

Now, choose a variety of succulents such as echeveria, stonecrop, or hens-and-chicks. We have plenty of options at our nursery, so stop by for a visit and we’ll help you choose plants that you will love for years.

As you make your selections, try to vary your plantings by texture, size, and color. You can view this living centerpiece as a work of art that you’re constructing, and as with art, you will want to balance all aesthetic elements so that they blend and complement one another.

After constructing your living centerpiece, you will find that its care is quite simple. As long as it receives plenty of indirect sunlight, and the soil doesn’t stay damp, your plants should thrive and add beauty to your home for years.

Have fun with your project, and remember we’re here to help. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.