One of the greatest things about living in Southern California is the amount of time we get to spend outdoors! With mild seasons and a sunny climate, most of us could be spending some time outside almost every day. We know, of course, it’s even more fun when you can bring a few comforts of home with you… so follow these tips when designing your outdoor space, and select the furniture that is right for you.

Consider function. How do you plan to use the space? Will you host gatherings, or use it as a private reading nook? Will you be serving food, or just having drinks and chatting? These questions will help you decide how many people you want to seat, and which type of tables (dining, coffee, or end tables) are appropriate.

Choose forgiving materials. Obviously, any furniture placed outside will be exposed to the elements. We don’t get much rain in this area, but we do get plenty of sunshine, which can also fade or degrade many materials. Choose furniture made of metal, teak, cedar, wicker, or other all-weather materials. Keep in mind that price often reflects quality: that inexpensive set might look great for a year or two, but will need to be replaced before too long.

Think about storage. Are there any items you want to keep outside with your patio set, such as serving pieces or extra pillows? Consider an extra piece of furniture that doubles as storage, such as an outdoor chest or ottomans with removable tops and roomy interiors.

Match your home’s exterior. If you have already invested in a certain color scheme for the exterior of your house, it makes sense to choose furniture that complements it. Of course, you don’t have to match everything exactly; think about complementary colors too! For example, green cushions might perfectly accent the red trim on your house, turquoise would pop when used on an orange-hued patio, and so on.

Remember to add shade. You will enjoy your patio set considerably less if you feel as though you’re baking in an oven! Whether you choose a dining table or a living-room type set, make sure to add an umbrella unless your furniture will be placed on a covered patio.

Add an all-weather rug. Most people don’t think of floor coverings when purchasing outdoor furniture, but an all-weather rug can tie together the space. They make nice visual accents, and your space will feel even more inviting.

Try it out. As with any other furniture, you want to select something that is comfortable. So, as you shop, take the time to relax a few minutes, put your feet up, and imagine this furniture on your patio or deck.

For more information about designing your outdoor space, give us a call. We can help you create the patio or deck of your dreams, and give advice about outdoor furniture and more.

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