Living walls have recently become very popular, as parts of a structure or as free-standing walls. They’re very unusual and eye-catching, since we aren’t accustomed to seeing a garden growing vertically, and they instantly add color and life anywhere you install one. Although they’re a beautiful way to add more greenery to almost any space, living walls actually have many more benefits that you should know about.

Since we already know that foliage helps to improve air quality, installing a living wall is very similar to erecting a large, sustainable air filter. Plants purify air by removing pollutants and releasing clean oxygen, so a living wall can literally improve your health. Many offices are installing living walls to improve worker productivity and reduce the number of sick days, and you can reap the same benefits by including one in your home’s landscaping.

A living wall can also help to reduce outside noise interference. If obnoxious road noise or annoying neighbors are a problem, the foliage can act like to heavy drapery to absorb and reflect sound waves. Your yard will can have a more peaceful and natural quality to it. Living walls can also help to disguise unwanted patio cover posts or unattractive landscape elements.

If positioned correctly, living walls can even help to reduce your energy costs, making them an economically smart upgrade for your home. In the summer, a process called evapotranspiration helps to cool the air around the wall and balance humidity levels. In the winter, a living wall installed on the outside wall of a home provides extra insulation, helping to keep heating costs down.

If you’d like to install a living wall in your home or business, it’s best to consult an expert to ensure this investment of your time and money will grow successfully. The wall must have adequate irrigation and fertilization systems, account for differing sunlight exposures, and these can be tricky to design and install. If you’re interested in this beautiful, sustainable, and healthy upgrade to your home, please call us and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation.

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