black pansies

Each Halloween, hordes of ghosts, goblins, monsters, and other creatures come knocking at your door. Many people choose to welcome their trick-or-treaters with a few jack-o-lanterns, themed decorations, or fall blooms on the front porch. If sprucing up the garden and front steps are your thing, we have one more idea for you: How about some cool, unique black plants?

Most people don’t associate black with foliage! But there are several interesting varieties of black plants that are quite simple to add to your landscape, and you can get it done by Halloween if you hurry.

Black mondo grass provides dark, strappy leaves that reach nearly a foot in height. The texture works perfectly for filling out empty spaces in fall gardens and offsets bright orange pumpkins nicely.

Black pansies aren’t actually black, but extremely dark purple. Nevertheless, they provide a lovely, velvety texture and make the perfect accent to lighter colors in the flower garden.

Purple ruffle basil is also more of a deep purple. Its unique texture makes it the perfect complement to a variety of other plantings, plus it’s edible (and delicious)!

Purple Majesty, an ornamental millet, provides dark foliate reminiscent of corn stalks. So, it’s perfect for fall! These do reach three to four feet tall, so choose either a large ornamental planter by the front door or place it prominently in your garden.

Black Scallop Ajuga is a perennial that grows up to two feet tall and wide. Space these far apart in your garden and allow them to fill in areas vacated by long-gone summer blooms.

“Black Heart” sweet potato vine is a low-growing, wide-spreading vine. You can use it in the garden, or let it spill decoratively out of a planter.

Vino Coleus provides dark purple foliage that turns nearly black in the sun. Those little baby plants can eventually reach up to three feet tall and five feet wide, so choose a large planter or a roomy spot in the garden.

To learn more about these gorgeous black plants, or to see what we have in stock, drop by our nursery. We can help you select just the right “spooktacular” plants for your garden.