When you think of adding a concrete patio to your landscaping, do you picture a plain gray slab? For some homeowners, that may not sound very decorative or appealing. Many people don’t know that they have many more options than traditional gray when it comes to concrete. A well-designed concrete patio can add significant beauty to your yard, and gives you a lovely spot for relaxing, dining, and entertaining guests.

When installing a new patio or sidewalk, you’re free to choose from a wide range of color options, so you can create a beautiful patio space that coordinates with your home. You can even use a couple of colors and design a unique geometric pattern that suits your individual style. If you do decide on a multi-colored design, be aware that costs will increase with each additional color added.

Your color options are endless, but pricing may sometimes vary according to the color you choose. Darker colors often require a higher color level which costs more for the concrete company to produce. We don’t recommend dark colors for sunny spaces anyway, as the darker the color the more heat the concrete will give off!

As with all landscaping concepts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind in regard to colored concrete. We only use color that is integral to the material, meaning we mix it into the concrete before pouring the patio. You may have heard that you can simply dye an existing patio after it has been poured, but this coloration method does not provide optimal results. Patios which have been stained have a tendency to chip, and the color wears off unevenly. With our method, the color goes all the way through the concrete, so you can feel confident that you’ve invested in a long-lasting addition to your home.

As with all other home improvement projects, be sure to consult with a licensed contractor when designing a patio. An improperly installed patio can quickly become an eyesore as it cracks, chips, and fades. It costs considerably more to have a cheap and poorly installed patio removed and replaced then it does to have it done right the first time! A well-designed patio, installed by a skilled professional, will give you years of enjoyment and add value to your home.

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