When you consider improving the outside of your home, do you automatically think of planting decorative flowers and trees? Those are certainly important, but it’s equally important to consider the benefits of hardscape like patios and walkways. These structures give form to your landscaping and provide a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’ve read our blog on colored concrete, you’ve already learned that concrete doesn’t always have to mean a boring, plain gray slab with a traditional broom finish. If you want to take things one-step further, you can use stamped concrete to create just about any look imaginable.

If you want to create the appearance of a cobblestone path or a stone patio, stamped concrete offers the same beautiful style along with a few distinct advantages. For one thing, the cost of installation is usually considerably lower for stamped concrete, so you can achieve the look you want without expending too much of your budget. Installation is usually quicker as well, and the results are just as durable as more expensive materials.

The most wonderful thing about stamped concrete is its versatility. You can design a patio or walkway that perfectly complements your home’s architecture and blends well with existing landscaping. For example, here in Southern California we have a lot of Spanish or Southwestern style architecture. You can actually have your concrete stamped to look like Spanish tile or Arizona flagstone, and it will perfectly echo other elements of your home. For a cottage or Craftsman style home, you might consider a finish that echos brick, slate, or stone elements of your home’s design.

For maximum curb appeal, your stamped concrete project should fit naturally with your home’s existing color scheme and architectural style, and suit the history and character of your neighborhood. If you’re hoping to improve your home’s value and desirability with a future sale in mind, remember that features such as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are very popular right now, and stamped or colored concrete can be used in those designs as well. The possibilities for concrete are as limitless as your imagination! Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss a design plan for your next outdoor project.

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