Even though the landscape design world has changed significantly in the past few years, Traditional concepts aren’t going away. In fact, Traditional styles are still extremely popular; we just find new ways to keep the concepts fresh and interesting for homeowners who want a classic look that is up to date.

Typically, traditional landscaping includes what you might expect: A vast expanse of a lush green lawn. Having said that, we can offer a number of choices with regard to groundcover, so that you can achieve the look of a lawn with the amount of upkeep that you’re willing to perform.

Traditional landscape design also tends to feature elegant hardscape, from materials like pavers, brick, and gravel. These pristine, structured yards feature neat hedges and classic flowering plants, and generally require more maintenance.

Even with their commonalities, traditional styles do fall into various subcategories like Formal Traditional, Standard Traditional, Cottage Garden, Craftsman, French Country, Mediterranean, and Rustic.

For those who are seeking a sensory experience in their home spaces, French Country style might be the answer. French Country combines elements of several other styles, such as Rustic and Traditional, and tends to appeal to all five senses. Olive and lemon trees provide a European flair, lavender appeals to both sight and smell, and Sweet Bay Laurel can be used as an ornamental hedge. As a bonus, French Country blends well with a variety of hardscape materials, so this design concept might work with what you already have.

Let’s talk about Mediterranean style, because it often goes so well with the architecture and climate here in Southern California. To achieve a Mediterranean look, opt for organic shapes, textures, and colors. Picture lots of wood and stone in warm colors, rounded edges, and pops of bright color from flowering plants. Add a small Mediterranean herb garden for an authentic touch to both your landscape and your cooking. You’ll need it, because Mediterranean style practically begs for dinner guests outside on the patio.

Now that we’ve highlighted a couple of the more popular Traditional styles for 2022, let’s move along to our last blog in this series. Next, we’ll discuss Modern design trends, and how we see that style evolving in coming years.