Last but certainly not least in our series on current design trends, we will discuss Modern style concepts for 2022 and upcoming years. While you might think of Modern as “simple”, to be well done it must be planned as carefully as any other style! If the saying “less is more” appeals to you, check out the new twists on doing “less” that still provide more style for your outdoor space.

First, let’s recall what “Modern” means with regard to design. Modern styles focus on clean, straight lines with minimal fuss. You will see a lot of sharp angles, cool gray tones, wood and concrete, and an emphasis on height and texture. What you won’t see is a lot of flowers, ornamentation, rounded edges, or a rainbow of different colors. Having said that, Modern style falls along a spectrum, just like the other design concepts. It doesn’t have to mean cold and barren!

On that note, the Modern Farmhouse style comes to mind. The word “farmhouse” probably evokes more traditional imagery for many people, but the concept has gone modern in recent years. Architects have simplified this style in homes, and now the Modern Farmhouse trend has reached outdoor design as well. We focus on grasses in the light green, silver, and pale blue spectrums, and combine them with perennial plantings in muted colors. Modern paving and rustic touches round out the look.

On the far end of the spectrum, Modern Minimal provides the most low-fuss environment imaginable. Shapes are rectangular, plantings are arranged geometrically, and a feeling of openness is emphasized. Cool gray landscaping mixes with dark-toned wood to create a formal atmosphere.

And for those who enjoy clean lines but prefer a more eclectic look, we offer you Modern Bohemian. Lines are still clean and angles sharp, but materials are more mix-matched. Rather than sticking with solid colors, we throw in a pattern or two, but sparingly (think throw pillows or rugs). Plant spacing should be informal and layered. You can include a bit more “stuff” in a Modern Bohemian design scheme, making it feel warm and inviting, but remember to keep the atmosphere open and airy.

And those are just a few of the most current Modern design concepts that are trending this year. To learn more about a clean, functional landscape design that suits almost any home style, call us to discuss your ideas. We will be happy to guide your process and help you with the landscape of your dreams.