Raised pool

The completion of any landscaping project is an exciting time, and pools are perhaps the most exciting thing of all. Not only is your new pool a gorgeous addition to your backyard, but it promises fun and relaxation for years to come. So now that your new pool is installed, take a step back and enjoy it.

Of course, your next question might be, “Now what? How do I maintain my pool so that it stays beautiful and functional for years to come?” Here’s what you need to know as a new pool owner.

Set a schedule for maintenance and cleaning. This is a new chore for you, so you’re not used to it yet. Mark pool maintenance and cleaning chores on your calendar so that you never forget anything.

Keep it safe. Most municipalities impose rules on pool safety, but you want to be safe regardless. Remember to make checking your gate latch, setting the pool alarm, and covering the pool part of your daily routine (depending upon which safety features you chose). As with your cleaning schedule, it can be easy to forget new chores. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you of important safety tasks.

Mark a date for pool resurfacing. Your pool won’t need resurfacing for many years to come, depending upon the type of pool you chose. But it will sneak up on you faster than you think! Keep this estimated date in mind, so that you can make room in your budget that year.

Be safe about storing chemicals. Pool chemicals can be hazardous, so choose a safe and secure spot for them.

Consider a pool maintenance company. Doing all the work yourself can be tempting, but life gets busy and chores can be skipped. If you hire a pool maintenance company, you’re assured of timely and appropriate pool care, with zero hassle.

Plan your next project. Part of the fun of pools is that you can always add features to make them more attractive and enjoyable. Take note of your ideas for future projects, whether you’re considering landscaping around the pool, adding a deck, installing colored lights, or building an outdoor kitchen to host parties. Give us a call when you’re ready to expand your fun zone!

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