infinity edge pool

Backyard pools just aren’t what they used to be. For many decades a pool served as a fun recreational spot for the family, and yes they could be designed to serve as an attractive focal point for your yard. But infinity edge pools take “attractive” to a whole new level; these pools are a work of art!

What is an infinity edge pool? Also called a “negative edge pool” and several other common nicknames, an infinity edge pool is designed with a spillway on one or more sides to give the appearance of water that blends into the horizon. They are often built to compliment landscaping that includes a long-range view.

Where are infinity edge pools installed? Once mainly seen in upscale resort settings, the infinity edge pool trend has extended to backyard landscaping. They are often built on the edge of land that includes a sudden drop, especially if the backyard overlooks a lake, river, or even a cityscape.

However, infinity edge pools can also be built in a more typical backyard environment. If you don’t have much slope to your yard, the pool can be built “up”, but you probably won’t have a very tall spillway or a view.

If you want a pool that also serves as an attractive landscaping feature with an upscale feel, an infinity edge pool fits the bill.

How high can you build an infinity edge pool? An infinity edge pool can be designed to suit almost any space, but most homeowners don’t build above a spillway height of six feet. At that point, the cost of building the pool increases dramatically.

Other things to consider. What will go on the front of your spillway? This side of the pool might be visible from other spots in your yard or to neighbors. Since it will essentially serve as a large wall in your yard, you might wish to design it as attractively as possible. On the other hand, if no one can really see it, you might wish to stick to plain concrete for budget reasons.

Infinity edge pools do experience a lot of evaporation, so close monitoring will be necessary in order to maintain just the right amount of water in the pool.

An infinity edge pool must be designed very carefully, in order to create the most attractive focal point possible. Let’s discuss your ideas, and we can help you decide how an infinity edge pool would best fit into your landscape.

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