Family making barbecue in dinner party camping at night with bokeh light bulb and tent

For many of us, the cancellation of summer vacations came as a disappointment this year. But quickly, many caught on to a brand new trend. The rise of the yardcation, and even backyard camping, has brought many of us back to our roots. We’re discovering that family fun can be simple and inexpensive, and you don’t need to venture very far from home!

The rise of outdoor dining. Many of us are feeling wary of restaurant dining this year, but boredom has begun to gnaw at us. The solution might lie in your own backyard; add a dining table to the patio, and now your meals take on a festive new flair. 

But you don’t have to stop at simply eating outdoors. A barbecue grill allows you to cook entire meals from start to finish, whereas a fire pit offers fun memories of roasting marshmallows and making s’ mores with the whole family. Why stop there? A wood-fired pizza oven provides another fun option for backyard dinners. A drink cooler or cocktail prep area makes it easy for adults to keep their favorite refreshments on hand. 

All of these options feel like camping, but there’s no need to load down the minivan with equipment and sleeping bags, travel far from home, line up a sitter for house pets, or search for a bathroom in the woods. 

Backyard camping is fun and convenient. Of course, you can always camp in the backyard, too. Add a few hammocks and bring a blanket, and the whole family can snuggle up outdoors. String lighting or a few solar lanterns add a festive touch and help you find your way inside to the bathroom when necessary. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, go ahead and set up an actual tent!

Fun for the whole family. Younger kids and even adults find backyard camping to be a fun, creative, and easy way to enjoy more family time outdoors… But what about teens? They can be a tad more difficult to convince, but an outdoor movie screen often does the trick. This idea can range from simple (a bedsheet hung between trees or on a fence line) or complex (an inflatable screen and impressive sound system). Enlist their help constructing a playlist for dinner music, or arrange for a game of laser tag in the dark. 

Yardcations can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, but often these outings do revolve around food. If you need help designing an outdoor kitchen or patio space, call us to discuss your plans. We can help you design a space that works for your family’s needs as well as your budget.