Bellagio atrium

Now that many of us are starting to travel again, you might be looking for vacation ideas. With Las Vegas a convenient drive from Southern California, and so much to do there, the city might top your list of potential vacation spots. But did you know Las Vegas has so much to offer aside from the casinos and entertainment. In particular, you should check out the landscaping while you’re there!

Some of the big hotels in Vegas put on a spectacular show when it comes to landscaping. For example, the Bellagio features an enormous, 14,000-square-foot atrium that contains rotating garden exhibits. The exhibits change each season, featuring winter, spring, summer, and fall, with brief “dark periods” as the horticulture team swaps out the displays.

Best of all, the Bellagio atrium is open to the public, with no entrance fee. So even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you can walk right in and enjoy the spectacular landscaping! Do check the website before you travel, to be sure you will arrive while your favorite season is featured.

If butterflies are your thing, head over to Springs Preserve this spring and check out their seasonal butterfly habitat. The exhibit features a wide range of flowering plants, designed to attract a multitude of different species of butterflies. The 180-acre gardens are open during the rest of the year, too, but head over in the spring if you want to see the butterflies.

If a learning experience is more your thing, head to the Indoor Ag-Con next February. This agricultural trade show will feature exhibits on vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture, for those of you interested in learning something new.

And of course, once you arrive in Las Vegas the best thing to do is walk the strip. You never know which hotels might be featuring something new in their gardens, or what type of events are going on at any given time. There’s something for everyone, even the outdoorsy gardening types!

And give us a call when you return from your trip full of inspiration. Ready to change up your landscaping? We’ll be happy to help you incorporate your new ideas into your yard.

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