You might be considering the addition of a patio cover, for many important reasons. Covering your patio is the easiest way to provide shade, protect your patio furniture, and even keep your home cool during hot summer months. But the first decision you will make is an important one: Should you choose a wood or Alumawood patio cover?

If you choose a wood patio cover, you might soon notice several drawbacks, such as:

  • a more intensive labor process
  • more maintenance is required; for example, a wood patio cover must be painted every other year to keep it looking nice
  • damage such as cracking wood, peeling paint, warping or rusting
  • you soon spend more than the original cost simply to maintain your wood patio cover

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a wood patio cover can even pose a significant fire hazard. Should wildfires approach your backyard, that wood patio cover is toast! The same warning also applies to your own fire pit or barbecue accidents.

Meanwhile, the aluminum in Alumawood has been fire tested, making it a much safer choice. Aside from safety, the benefits of Alumawood patio covers include:

  • maintenance-free! no need to paint your patio cover, ever
  • termite and insect resistant
  • can be customized to fit your size and aesthetic requirements
  • resistant to warping and cracking
  • resistant to rain and sun damage
  • a factory-backed warranty to protect your investment
  • easier and faster installation

If you’re considering a patio cover of any kind, give us a call to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to show you the many benefits of an Alumawood patio cover, and compare it to your other options so that you can make the choice that is right for your home. If wood is more your style (even given the higher cost and maintenance) we are happy to build that for you as well! The choice is yours.

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