Garden or party area shaded by sails and an umbrella behind privacy fence with open gate with vines growing on a trellis and on rustic fence and flowers outside

You might have noticed what appear to be sails, mounted at angles over patios, play spaces, and more. Not only are shade sails an attractive way to block harsh sunlight during portions of the day; they can be much more “time friendly” compared to many other home improvement projects. Rather than a costly and time-consuming construction project, you can simply mount a shade sail in about a day. If you have any other questions, read on…

What are shade sails made from?

Most varieties of shade sail are made from a high-density knitted polyethylene fabric, which offers both shade and UV protection from the sun. You can purchase shade sails in rectangular or triangular shapes, of just about any color. If made from a waterproofed material, shade sails can also block the rain.

Where do you use shade sails?

In short, you use a shade sail anywhere that you want shade, and that a shade sail makes more sense than something else. For example, if you want to shade a patio but can’t or don’t want to build an addition to your home, a shade sail makes a good solution. Or, you might wish to shade a play area or some other structure in the yard.

A shade sail is the perfect solution when you want to shade an area, but not permanently. For example, you might wish to block sun from a porch or patio in summer, but then remove the shade sail in the winter to allow light to warm the area. It is also an ideal solution for spaces where building codes and setbacks don’t allow for the addition of a patio cover or permanent structure.

How long does a shade sail last?

A well-made shade sail will last from five to ten years, depending of course on how it is used. Weather patterns also make a big difference, with heavy winds and rain damaging the fabric more quickly. Many manufacturers do issue a ten-year warranty, but that just covers UV degradation of the fabric.

Can you put a shade sail anywhere? Is it easy?

Theoretically, you can install a shade sail anywhere that you want to block sunlight. Of course, this is assuming your HOA has no objections.

Also, while they are simpler than a construction project, keep in mind that mounting a shade sail is a bit more tricky than it might appear. It is important to use the right type of steel post, placed at appropriate angles to offer correct support. You can also attach one side of your shade sail to your home, or even to a tree of appropriate diameter. Always choose appropriate support for your shade sail, or it will tend to sag over time.

If you have any other questions about shade sails, give us a call. We can guide you through your options as you continue to improve your home and landscape.

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