For many gardeners, creating a pleasing landscape is about more than simply increasing curb appeal for their home. Landscaping can be an art form! And just as artists often employ many layers of paint on a canvas, a gardener will often seek to create visual appeal by layering plants.

There are many advantages to creating a layered garden, such as:

Wring as much use out of a single spot as possible. If you view your garden as two-dimensional, then you’re limited by square feet of yard space. Layered gardens take advantages of the third dimension, so that every inch of your garden makes the maximum visual impact. Even areas such as steps and windows can be utilized through container plantings.

Take advantage of every season. Many amateur gardeners find themselves limited by the idea that they can only enjoy the beauty of their landscape during the warm months of the year. Layered gardens offer more appeal during all seasons of the year.

Enjoy the full life cycle of each plant. Creating a layered garden encourages you to change how you view your plants. Rather than valuing plants solely for their “prime time” (perhaps when they are blooming), you learn to see beauty in every stage of the plant’s life cycle. For example, the leaves of many plants change color as they die. When you value the full life span of each plant, you learn to combine them in ways that play off one another’s unique beauty.

Layered gardens better compliment your architecture. By blending plants of different heights, your layered garden flows more freely with your home, hardscape like patios and sidewalks, and any other structures such as outbuildings or swimming pools. Instead of creating hard borders between “yard” and “house,” everything fits together harmoniously, and the result is stunning!

For more information on creating layered gardens, give us a call. We will be happy to help you make a plan that takes full advantage of every season and square inch of your garden.

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