When you first begin to think of installing a pool in your backyard, you might be tempted to pick up the phone and immediately call a pool company. However, it’s best to stop and think about what you’re actually hoping to gain from this investment. Do you want a pool, purely for the sake of having one? Or are you hoping for a beautiful outdoor area you can use for entertaining and relaxing, that adds value to your home?

Most homeowners quickly realize they want more than a simple pool that sticks out like a sore thumb. They want the look and feel of a backyard showpiece worthy of a photo in a magazine. The truth is, the most beautiful pool areas are usually not designed by a pool company. They’re planned and built by a landscape designer in order to ensure a seamless integration that adds both beauty and function to the backyard.

A landscape designer will not only plan for the pool itself, but for elements such as:

  • a deck or patio around the pool that meets your needs
  • a shaded area (this is so much more important than you might think!)
  • plants that will add beauty to the pool area without causing unnecessary hassle
  • lighting
  • entertainment areas
  • and more, depending upon your vision

In most cases, all of the above elements are much more difficult to add after the pool’s completion. This is especially true if the pool and deck are put too close to the fence line and there is not enough room for the beautiful plantings you want. Lack of proper planning before the pool is installed could entail greater expense for the homeowner, and sometimes certain additions will be extremely difficult or impossible to pull off because they weren’t planned first before installing the pool.

In fact, it’s often the case that the pool contractors who discover, midway through a project or even after its completion, that their design simply does not fit the homeowners’ vision, contact landscape designers. Rather than wind up in a bind, spending more money and time to complete the project to your satisfaction, give us a call first! We can help you design the pool area of your dreams from the very beginning.

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