Pushing the seasonal boundaries

When you think of gardening, you might picture yourself heading to your favorite nursery in the spring, nurturing your chosen plants throughout the summer… And accepting their inevitable dormant period throughout winter. You just endure a few months of stark, empty, and bland landscape until you can enjoy gardening once again in the spring.

Well, say goodbye to that pattern! One trend we have recently observed is that more gardeners are carefully considering their winter landscapes, and discovering options to add beauty to their yards year-round.

Of course, that’s easier to accomplish here in Southern California. We don’t exactly have to worry about a blizzard gusting through and ruining our gardens. But still, things can get a bit dreary for us in the winter. And they don’t have to!

First of all, gardening isn’t all about flowers. Many plants provide gorgeous, colorful foliage to rival any bloom. A Japanese maple tree will provide a brilliant crimson shade throughout autumn and into early winter. Or, you could choose holly bushes that produce bright red berries. Cotoneaster works as a terrific groundcover, and produces brilliant green leaves accented by and abundance of red berries.

Ornamental grasses are another great option, especially for our climate. They’re lush and interesting, and require very little specialized care.

You can even utilize cabbage and kale in your garden; the texture is unique, the colors are vibrant, and you can grab a few leaves for a quick, healthy salad any time!

However, you don’t have to give up on flowers. Many varieties do bloom in winter, providing a burst of color when you need it most. Camellias are a great choice, and they’re drought-resistant as an added bonus. Also look for winter jasmine, witch hazel, lenten roses, pansies, snapdragons, snowdrops, and star magnolias, just to name a few.

Is your barren winter landscape currently boring or depressing you a bit? Come visit our nursery to view a wide array of brilliant foliage and bright blooms. We can help you add a bit of color and life to your yard so that you can enjoy it year-round.

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