Pruning specific types of roses

On the heels of our previous discussion on how to prune roses, this week we are going to look at how to prune specific types of roses.

It is important to note that the amount to prune and specific details regarding your rose bushes depends on the variety you are growing and all varieties should be stripped of remaining leaves and flowers during the pruning process.

With that said, let’s look at how to prune different varieties of roses.

Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora

When pruning these roses, they should be cut back to around three feet. Remember to leave the canes longer for taller rose bushes in the coming year.  If your goal is to restrain a tall bush’s height, cut it back more dramatically annually.


Very similar to the Hybrid Teas, but leave more canes remaining. Remember that they should not be thinned as heavily or cut back quite as much.


For this type of rose, cut back to about 1/3 of its current height so you can maintain a compact growth habit for the coming year. If you have taller mini roses, do only the required tasks and perform some shaping.

Climbing Roses

These should be cut to 1/3 of its current height and try to re-train over trellis, etc… If you don’t want to do this or can’t do this, remove only the lateral side shoots and keep the main framework that has already been trained or shaped. Remember, this is your decision, but typically the more you cut climbers, the more flowers you will get the following year!

Shrub and Landscape Roses

Of all the roses, these are the least”‘fussy.”  After you perform the required tasks, simply shorten the remaining canes based on the height you desire for the coming year. Remember, longer canes for taller bushes! The good news is that these will grow and flower no matter what.


Think of these as a “shrub on a stick.”  You should treat the top of the trees like you would a rose bush of that variety. You should identify what type of rose is on top and follow the instructions we talked about earlier. Weeping trees should only be cut after their second year, which will help establish their shape!

Again, rose pruning is one of the functions we perform for our maintenance clients. We continually work hard all year round to ensure that your yard remains in optimal condition!

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