Beautiful rose bush that needs to be pruned

You may have questions and concerns regarding the annual maintenance required to keep your roses looking healthy, beautiful, and happy. Ideally, the months of January and February in frost-prone areas, are the best time to prune your roses. And, believe it or not, there is a great deal of controversy focusing on the manner in which to prune these wonderful flowers that add such great beauty around your home.

The next two articles will focus on how to prune your roses so they grow the best possible way. Here are some important tips to help you feel more comfortable and confident with this annual task.

  • Two Important Steps

The rose experts agree that there are two tasks that need to be completed regardless of rose variety, height, or climate. Number One:  Remove dead and decayed wood from the base of the plant every year.  Number Two: It is vital to remove crossing or rubbing branches.

  • Number of Canes

If you notice any branches thinner than the width of a pencil, they need to be removed. When you are finished with this task, you should have six or fewer main branches remaining. You need to aim at creating an open and balanced framework of branches that will allow the air to circulate, which will help prevent disease.

  • Angle and Type of Cut

The canes of your roses should be cut at a slight 45 degree angle, roughly one quarter of an inch above an ‘outward facing’ bud. If you have buds facing inside, the bush will only lead to crowding in the spring and summer.

Next week we will look at the different types of roses and how to prune each type, including Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora, Floribunda, Mini, Climbing, and Shrub and Landscape Roses.

Rose pruning is one of the functions we perform for our maintenance clients.  We work hard all year round to make sure your yard remains in optimal condition.

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