Nestled in the heart of Temecula Wine Country, our latest project transforms a once barren landscape into an Ojai Valley paradise, complete with meticulously landscaped areas that harmonize with the natural beauty of the surroundings. The transformation begins with elegant concrete pathways leading to raised vegetable beds, where the bounty of the earth is celebrated. Surrounding the rejuvenated pool area, low-water, lush plantings and a vibrant pollinator garden thrive, creating a serene oasis that beckons nature’s wonders. At the heart of this outdoor haven is a full gourmet kitchen, ensconced beneath a standalone patio cover, offering a culinary sanctuary for alfresco dining enthusiasts. The property is further adorned with a fruit orchard and an intricately designed strolling garden, perfect for leisurely walks or playful drives with an RC car. From the initial canvas of mere dirt and an unfinished pool shell, we have sculpted an idyllic retreat that epitomizes the rustic charm and tranquil spirit of Ojai Valley living.


February 27, 2024




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