Colored red and green LED lights in a backyard garden.

If you’re considering outdoor lighting for your home, you might be excited to learn about color-changing Bluetooth LED lights. For that matter, those of you with plain white lights might start to feel a bit envious after reading this blog!

These lights boast all the same features as regular LED lights, but with the added benefits of different colors. You can use these lights to add festive cheer to your home’s exterior, reflect the season, or even raise awareness for a cause. For example, you can program your exterior lights in the following ways…

● Red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, election day, Memorial Day, or other patriotic events
● Purple and orange for Halloween
● Red, yellow, and orange (harvest colors) for Thanksgiving
● Red and green for Christmas
● Red for Valentine’s Day
● Green for spring celebrations
● Pink or blue to celebrate a new baby
● Special colors to represent local causes or fundraisers
● A family member’s favorite color on their birthday
● Or just change it up regularly for fun

All-brass path lights and uplights are the same high quality you’ve come to expect from our outdoor lighting, but now with the added upgrade of Bluetooth technology. Whether you change your colors hourly, nightly, or just a few times per year, it only takes a few seconds to program your lights. Using an app within your smartphone, you can adjust your lights at the touch of a finger, selecting from features such as brightness and a full color spectrum.

For more information on color-changing Bluetooth LED lights, give us a call. We’ll be happy to demonstrate the technology for you, so that you can decide if this type of outdoor lighting is right for your home.

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