Night garden with solar powered lights and lanterns

Landscape lighting carries numerous benefits, such as attractively illuminating your property at night and increasing safety. But installing a lighting system isn’t always simple. You might desire lighting in an area where it’s difficult to run wires, or you might not have professional grade fixtures in your project budget. When a traditional wired lighting system isn’t the best option, solar landscape lighting often provides a workable solution.

How do solar lights work? Each day, your solar lights will charge in the sunlight and then turn on at night. Depending upon the battery power of the light, along with placement, you can expect up to eight hours of nighttime lighting. In order to receive the maximum amount of light at night, you must place the lights in positions that receive at least six hours of direct sunlight during the day.

Are solar lights worth it? It depends upon what you expect to gain from your solar lighting system, but most homeowners are very happy with their systems. You will make an upfront investment in the lights themselves, but then they operate without electricity and therefore won’t cost you anything. The batteries within the lights usually last about two years and will need to be replaced at that point.

Where should you use solar landscape lighting? You can use solar lights to illuminate any area of the yard that you wish, assuming they will receive six hours of direct sunlight during the day. Solar lights are particularly good for spots where you don’t want to run wiring, either due to expense or because you’ll be digging in that area frequently.

Placing solar lights along pathways is also an easy way to illuminate walking areas at night, increasing safety for yourself and visitors. You might also want to highlight certain features in your yard, such as particular plantings or sitting areas.

What options are available? Solar lights are available in stakes that you place into the ground, or in spotlights that you can mount to a wall, tree, or other surface. Manufacturers also produce solar string lighting, which are a great way to add a festive touch to patios, porches, and arbors without having to worry about locating a nearby power outlet.

If you’re curious about installing solar landscape lighting, contact us to discuss your options. We can explain more about how they work, and help you determine the best placement for a solar lighting system within your landscape.

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