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As you might have heard, the various groundhogs around the country could not reach an agreement regarding the arrival of spring. Some predicted an early spring, while others say winter will last six more weeks. Here in Southern California, we don’t have too much of a “winter” anyway! So, we can count on spring arriving right on time, regardless of the opinions of rodents.

So that brings us to the question of your spring garden. What should you be doing right now, to get everything ready for spring?

Start seedlings indoors. If you grow veggies or flowers from seed, it’s time to get your plants started indoors. Remember to keep your seedling trays by a sunny window or invest in a grow light.

Tackle those weeds. Hopefully, your garden wasn’t too invaded by weeds during the cooler months. But you probably do have some invaders to evict. Pulling them now can prevent them from rooting more deeply. Just remember to keep at it before planting time. Unfortunately, weeding is a never-ending chore for most!

Till the soil. Loosen up the soil in garden beds, and till in some compost if you use it.

Fertilize. Just before spring arrives, it’s time to fertilize shrubs, flower beds, and vegetable garden areas. Performing a soil test first can help you to determine which nutrients your soil is lacking, so that you can choose an appropriate fertilizer.

Divide perennials. Some perennials, like daylilies, should be divided and replanted before new growth begins. Doing this prevents them from overgrowing and crowding out other plants in the same bed.

There is one caveat to this rule: If your flowers have already bloomed or are budding, dividing them will have to wait until fall.

Consider new installations. If you’ve been dreaming of a new flower bed, expanding your current veggie garden, or adding rose bushes to your landscape, give us a call. We can help you plan for new additions to add beauty or function to your yard.

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