Green trailing Moss plants in Asian/Zen Garden

If you’re interested in unique, lush, and yet surprisingly simple landscaping options, moss might interest you. Moss offers a beautiful green backdrop or accent to other plants, and it’s so low-maintenance that just about anyone can cultivate it.

A green carpet of moss makes an excellent backdrop for walkways and stepping stones, since it doesn’t grow high like grass, and it’s also a terrific option for shady areas of your yard where other plants might struggle. If living walls interest you, you’ll be happy to know that moss can be used there as well. Really, you can use moss just about anywhere, provided you place it out of direct sunlight.

If you’re interested in moss, here are a few basics you need to know.

Choose a shady, clean spot. Moss grows best in the shade. It’s not too picky, other than needing a spot clear of debris such as leaf litter.

Test your soil. Moss prefers acidic soil, between 4.5 and 5.5 on the pH scale. If your soil is to alkaline, use sulfur powder to lower the pH before planting your moss.

You have two planting options. In most cases, moss is shipped as a dried “carpet” that you simply unroll into place. However, a less expensive option is to break the moss into clumps and let it gradually fill in the space you have selected. Some people choose this option to save money, but keep in mind that it will take some time for your moss to spread.

Water your moss. After planting your moss, water it well. Keep the area free of debris, and it will spread quite naturally on its own.

Moss is available in different types and colors. Several of these planted together can actually become a living work of art! Stop by our nursery and chat with our specialists, and we can help you decide on a variety of moss that works best for your landscaping project.

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