landscaping between concrete squares

Stepping stones can be one of the simplest ways of constructing an attractive pathway through your yard or garden. But it’s a bit more complicated than simply tossing down a row of concrete squares or stones. You might also need to landscape around them a bit, both to make the pathway more appealing and to create a more level walking surface.

So, what do you use in between your large pavers or stepping stones? First of all, we actually don’t recommend grass. Grass can be more difficult to maintain, and weeds set in more easily. For a more attractive look, we would steer you toward either pebbles or a decorative and low-maintenance groundcover.

Small round pebbles, such as glacier gravel, or Mexican beach pebbles are both popular choices for use between large stepping stones. The fun thing about using pebbles is that you can choose from a range of colors and create a strong visual contrast between them and the larger pavers. You can really brighten up a garden or add curb appeal to your home this way.

Or, if you would rather use a groundcover, choose something low-growing that won’t crowd out the pavers, but still vigorous enough that it will spread quickly and out-compete weeds. We often recommend Kurapia or Dymondia for this purpose. Both of these groundcover plants are low maintenance and very hardy, so you can create a beautiful walkway that requires very little labor from you.

Or, if you want a groundcover that provides a burst of color, try blue star creeper. And for those of you seeking to please all the senses, creeping thyme, chamomile, or jewel mint provide a lovely fragrance for your garden.

Finally, you might be wondering whether artificial turf would be a good option for use between stepping stones. Yes, it can be done if that’s the look that you prefer! But we would caution you that artificial turf, when used this way, might not be as low maintenance as you had hoped! Curling and lifting around the stones can become problems.

As you can see, you can choose from a wide variety of options! But what works best for one homeowner might not be right for another’s preferences, budget, or time constraints. So give us a call if you’re considering a walking path for your yard, and we can help you identify your priorities and guide you toward a groundcover that works best for your situation.