Green grass

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. Since construction is considered essential in our state, we are definitely still working. However, since some things have changed, we wanted to take a moment to let our clients know that we’re taking measures to keep you and our workers safe.

More virtual work. If you call us to inquire about a new landscaping project, we do need to come out, view the site, and take measurements in person. However, this will obviously take place outdoors, and keeping our social distance is not a problem.

We can discuss the details of the project, including sharing photos, over a Zoom meeting. We also conduct all of our presentations over Zoom, and we’re happy to report that these virtual meetings are working out fantastically.

Safe work on site. Of course, landscaping installations cannot be performed over Zoom. So we do have our workers on job sites, but we are taking measures to keep them (and you) safe.

Being outdoors is already considered safer due to greater distance between people, fresh air, and the beneficial effects of UV rays from the sun. But we do make sure workers have access to plenty of disinfectants, and they travel in separate vehicles to cut down on close contact.

Convenience for clients. If you have questions about an ongoing project, there’s no need to even leave the house. Just give us a call and we will endeavor to answer your questions and provide pictures when necessary. Technology has certainly provided a great benefit at this time!

We will continue to do our part to slow the spread of coronavirus, while providing the same level of professionalism you’ve come to expect from us. Please call if you have any questions about our services at this time, and we will be happy to assist you.