As the holiday season approaches, we’re all pretty busy planning our menus and booking flights to visit family. But now is not the time to neglect your landscaping! Not only do you want to take care of your investment; you can add extra seasonal cheer to your home with a few small seasonal details.

If you’re planning to travel, remember to arrange for someone to take care of your yard. Even non-travelers may want to give themselves the gift of a landscaping service for a month or two. You’re already so busy with decorating, cooking, making plans and attending parties. Give yourself a break by hiring someone to look after your basic landscaping needs, and the season can be much less stressful for you.

To add a few festive touches to your home, utilize extra flowerpots left over from summer planting. You can fill these with winterberry or evergreen boughs, or use them for classic poinsettias for a bright burst of color. These can be arranged on your porch to greet guests, or you can use them to fill in drab spaces in your yard.

Speaking of guests, remember that a low voltage lighting system will make your home look so much more festive and inviting at night. Lights will also ensure your guests’ safety as they make their way from the street or driveway up to your front door.

If you’re planning a New Year’s gathering, think about hosting the event outside on your patio. You have just enough time to install a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. These provide a warm and cozy atmosphere for nighttime parties, and guests can gather around the fire to chat and roast marshmallows.

Remember, if you want to spiff up your landscaping with some seasonal flowers, we carry plants that thrive in the winter. Come see us, and we can help you select the perfect finishing touches to keep your garden beautiful until spring.

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