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Get the Look, Part Four: Napa & NorCal

With spring just around the corner, you will appreciate this fourth blog in our “Get the Look” series. The Napa Valley/Northern California style is all about outdoor living. Grab a few of these ideas for your own yard, and extend your living space to the great outdoors.

Tidy, but expansive, landscaping. Recreate the feel of a Northern California vineyard by crafting gardens based on straight lines and walkable pathways. Your yard should inspire you to wander and take it all in. Napa style is somewhat more contemporary, so keep your layout clean, uncluttered, and well pruned.

Bring your living room outdoors. Not literally, of course. But to enjoy the true Napa/Norcal aesthetic, you will want to feel as comfortable on your patio or courtyard as you do in your living room. Shop for a plush outdoor furniture, end tables, and perhaps a dining table and chairs.

Provide shade. Grow traveling vines or ivy on a trellis to provide shade and elegant ambiance. Large potted plants or a living wall can be placed strategically, to block afternoon sun for greater enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Plant fruit or olive trees. Not only will these add to your “Norcal” vibe; they will provide abundant food for your family.

Your own personal vineyard. If you have room, building an arbor and growing your own grape vines can be a fun project. When the grapes are ready to harvest, making your own wine can turn into a learning adventure for the whole family. Carefully choose a variety of grapes that will grow well in our area; visiting local nurseries can help you learn more.

Set up for outdoor entertaining. Whether you go for a full outdoor kitchen, or choose a more modest setup, make sure you have equipment to serve cool drinks and appetizers at minimum. An outdoor bar setup is nice to have, but not required; a large tub of ice and some basic glassware will suffice.

Consider a fire feature. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace give evening gatherings that extra “wow” factor.

As you revamp your landscape to inspire more Napa or Norcal charm, don’t forget to consult with us. We can help you at every stage of your project, so that your dream backyard will provide enjoyment for years to come.

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